What Is Your Racket Condition Grading System?

All scores are out of 10:

10 - brand new, never used, plastic wrapping on the handle.

9 - no marks, has been used.

8 - a few small paint marks.

7 - some paint marks and bumper scuffing.

6 or below - we don’t sell rackets in this condition!


Why are all of your rackets unstrung?

All of the rackets we source and stock are rare performance frames designed for serious players. Our customers know what they require on a tennis court to play their best game and that includes their string set up. If our rackets were ‘factory’ strung then it is extremely unlikely that the tension, string type and string setup is what each individual customer is looking for.


Are all rackets new?

The majority of rackets that we source and stock are used, although we do stock some new frames and these are marked ‘NOS’ (new old stock). All of our used frames have been refurbished to ensure that grommets, bumperguards and grips are in excellent condition. 


What type of rackets do we source and stock?

We are focused on sourcing and stocking older performance frames that have an interesting or well known backstory. Some frames are the models that famous ex-players used, some have a reputation amongst tennis players around the world as classics and some are perfect for customisation.


What if I’m not happy with my order?

All of our rackets have either been refurbished or are NOS. We check all rackets for cracks and structural damage. If for whatever reason you wish to return your racket then we offer a full refund within 1 month as long as your racket is in the same condition as when we sold it.